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How to Wash a Hat with a Hat Washing Cage

(2023 New Way)How to Wash a Hat with a Hat Washing Cage?

Your hat needs some cleaning after a day of outdoor adventure. Nonetheless, maintaining a hat’s shape and sleekness after washing isn’t obvious. In the past, I damaged many of my caps’ shape damage when washing, drying, or storing them. However, the knowledge of a hat washing cage resolved this problem, ensuring my hats last longer.

What is a Hat Washer Cage?

A hat washer cage is a baseball cap-style rack designed to maintain the shape of your hat when cleaning, drying, and storing. A hat cage is usually made of ultra-sturdy plastic. After the washing, you can use the cage as a hat rack, hanger, cap organizer, or cap holder. It is the best option for keeping your cap in pristine condition. The hat washing cages are also portable, as they can fit in your backpack or suitcase if you’re traveling.

Ways to Use Hate Cages

There are various options you can choose from when it comes to cleaning your hat with a hat washing cage. Among these techniques, you can consider the following.

1. Dishwasher

The dishwasher is the most recommended technique for using a hat cage to clean your cap. Every hat cage will come with manual instructions for cleaning the hat. If you choose to use a dishwasher, I recommend the following steps:

  • Apply laundry stain remover or dish-washing liquid on the stains. If you’re using a stain remover, follow the instructions to determine how long it should remain on the hat. 
  • Place the cap in the hat cage for the washer. The baseball cap washer will keep the cap in the correct shape and position throughout the cleaning cycle. 
  • Place the cage into the washer. It will help if you place only one hat washing cage in the dishwasher at a go. 
  • Make sure that your hat (now in the cage) is placed on the top rack of your dishwasher. Dishwasher lower levels are not recommended.
  • Pour over normal dishwasher detergent, don’t use lemon detergents that contain citric acid may damage your hat. 
  • Make sure the hat is the only item in the dishwasher.
  • Now, you can set the dishwasher into the warm cycle. You should not use hot water as it will warp the plastic parts in the hat. If the dishwasher does not have the warm cycle option, you can choose another way to wash your hat to prevent damage. 
  • Leave the cap in the hat cage or the dishwasher hat rack for drying in a warm room. Make sure there is sufficient airflow for quality drying. 

2. Washing Machine

The washing machine is the second option I would recommend in hat cleaning using a hat cage. Again, it is an option for homesteads that don’t own dishwashers.

Caution: For this recommendation, you must use a non-tumble washing machine. If you do not have the top loading washer, this will not be suitable for washing a cap with a hat cage.

If you have the recommended machine, consider following these few steps:

  • Spot the stains on the hat and apply stain remover, following the instructions given by the company.
  • Fit your cap in the preferred hat cage for washer.
  • Place the cage holding your hat into your washing machine. I recommend you put a few lightweight clothes inside together with the hat. 
  • Pour regular laundry detergents in liquid, tablet, or powder form. Your detergent of choice must be free of bleach agents and citric acid. 
  • Set the washing machine into preferred washing conditions. I recommend warm water as hot water will warp the plastic material used to make the hat and the cage. 
  • Wash the hat on a gentle cycle.
  • Once finished, let the hat dry in a warm room with excellent airflow. Hold the cap in the hat washer protector to maintain the shape while drying. 

Caution for the Dishwasher and Washing Machine

If you choose to use a dishwasher or washing machine to wash a cap with a baseball hat frame for washing, consider the following cautions:

  • Don’t wash your cap with the machine fully loaded with cloth items. 
  • In addition, don’t place the hat cage in the dryer. 
  • You must set the appliance in suitable condition if you use a dishwasher or washing machine to clean your hat. High heat can cause damage to the hat fibers. In addition, the detergents are likely to bleach the hat. 
  • For the dishwasher, ensure you use regular detergents that don’t contain citric acid or bleaching agents, as these components will damage the fabric. 
  • Further, don’t use laundry detergents in a dishwasher even though you’re washing a garment. Laundry detergents used in your dishwasher are likely to cause damage and overflow. 

3. Hand Washing

If you do not have the recommended dishwasher or washing machine, I recommend handwashing your cap. In this case, you will require the baseball hat frame for drying and holding purposes. I recommend the following steps when handwashing your hat:

  • Use a toothbrush or a smaller brush to spot-clean the extra dirty areas using non-bleaching soap powder. 
  • Soak your hat for a few hours. Occasionally, check if the spots cleaned need further washing. 
  • Rinse the hat with warm or cool water. 
  • Gently pat dry the cap with a towel. 
  • Place the hat in the hat washer protector and let it dry. 

Note: If you’re not wearing the hat immediately, leave it on the cap cage so it will not lose shape.

Advantages of Using a Hat Cage

a. Easy to Use

Hat cages are easy to use for adults and children’s hats or caps. The cages come with an easy snap form, enabling the users to adjust the cage to fit the size of their cap.

b. Washer-Machine-Friendly

A hat cage for washing machines and dishwashers won’t damage or scratch the appliances. Thus, you will use your hat cage without incurring unplanned maintenance costs.

c. Multi-functional

You can use your hat cage for several functions, including using it as a hat rack or hanger, cap organizer, and cap holder. That means you don’t need to purchase additional items to perform these tasks.

d. Easily Portable

The hat cage’s structure consists of lightweight materials that make it easy to carry. It is also easy to adjust their sizes to fit your backpack or suitcase.

e. Durable

Hat wash cages use ultra-sturdy plastic materials, making the products durable, safe, and flexible. In addition, you can reuse the hat for years, which saves you money.

f. Maintain Your Hat’s Shape

Washing your hat in a dishwasher or machine without the hat cage for the washer will damage its shape. This effect results from pressure and friction caused by the appliance’s agitation. The hat washer cages design is firm enough to retain the cap’s shape after washing.

Purchasing a Hat Washing Cage

When purchasing a baseball cap washer, I recommend you check on the following characteristics:  

  • Durability and Flexibility: Ensure the cage structure consists of ultra-sturdy plastic materials such as polypropylene. These materials feature optimal flexibility and firm construction that ensure the cage serves for a long time. 
  • Ease of Use: Your cap cage of choice must be easy to lock and unlock. Adjusting the hat cage’s size should also be easy to do. Easy-to-use cages will reduce time wasted in hat-washing practices. 
  • Portability: Your hat washing cage should be lightweight and small to fit into your backpack or suitcase. This trait increases the cage’s portability, particularly if you have a gaming cap.

Final Thoughts

If you have difficulty maintaining your hat’s shape or sleekness, now you have a solution. Whether you’re handwashing your cap or using a dishwasher or a washing machine, a hat cage for the washer is the way to keep your hat in shape and sleek. The cage design maintains the shape of your cap while you keep it clean.

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